MSM offers high-touch solutions for the next generation of healthcare providers.

With Medical Specialties Managers, Inc. (MSM), the future of medical group management is personalized, high-touch, and one hundred percent transparent

Revenue Cycle Management

Put more revenue back into your practice with our full-service turnkey revenue cycle management services.

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Payor Contracting & Credentialing

Get the right contracts—and the pay you deserve—with our extensive contracting and credentialing expertise.

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Management Services & Consulting

We work with you to strategize actionable ways for you to develop your practice—from planning to people, we do it all.

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Practice Management

Let MSM take over everything you need to grow, from accounting to HR, IT to operations, revenue cycle to risk management.

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Watch to see how MSM can help your practice navigate the changing world of healthcare.

Reach your greatest potential.

Your practice deserves the same kind of special attention your patients do. But for physician groups, finding a partner with the expertise and flexibility to meet your evolving practice management needs has been notoriously difficult. With a majority of management options targeting larger healthcare systems, physician practices have lacked the individualized attention needed to thrive.

That’s where MSM comes in. We’re unwavering in our mission to increase revenue, decrease expenses, and act as a strategic partner to promote optimal growth and performance.

Why MSM?

Whether you’re a brand-new practice or an established group in a healthcare system, we have a solution that will help you grow. Let us guide you toward a customizable blend of advanced technology and expert professionals designed to support the needs of your practice perfectly.